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Giacoklima® radiant ceiling system

In a so exigent scene, giacoklima® radiant ceiling presents itself as a simple, rational and innovative solution for the building air conditioning, able to satisfy at its best’s the most different requirements; a system capitalizing Giacomini’s long experience and the well-established know-how in the manufacture of components and systems for heating and conditioning distribution. F or the thermal exchange with the room, the radiant ceiling exploits the radiation transmission, therefore it brings to temperature the casing instead of the air and the only convective effect is that natural. This way there are no perceivable draughts and there is no dust circulation. The large surface of the radiant false ceiling permits a high thermal energy exchange between active surfaces and the room, maintaining very limited temperature differences. With an only system, it is possible heating and cooling buildings, but the system is invisible, as it is integrated into the metallic false ceiling, available in various modules, colours and superficial finishings.

High output, low thermal inertia, great energy efficiency and no maintenance are the factors that convince more the technicians; high comfort, working inexpensiveness, valuable aestethic and large flexibility in the space exploitation are particularly appreciated by the users.. giacoklima® is the ideal solutions for offices, schools, commercial and show-room, airports, hall, conference rooms and, in general, for all buildings where high comfort and consistent energy saving is requested.

Due to the supply temperature of the radiant ceiling, less extreme compared to that one requested by the traditional systems – either in heating or in cooling – and closest to the room temperature, it is possible fully exploiting the potential of energy saving offered by technical solutions at the cutting edge and renewable energy sources. The result is a marked reduction of the CO2 emissions and a minimization of the impact on the environment, without renouncing to a high comfort. The radiant ceiling turns out to be ideal in combination with last generation high efficiency generators as condensation boilers. The use of heat pumps is particularly favourable that allows exploiting the free and inexhaustible heat present in the air, in the water or in the ground limiting at the most the recourse to fossil fuels. In summer for the cooling of the rooms it is possible using a geothermal system giving up the room heat to the underground by means of landfilled manifolds or depth sensor. In the intermediate seasons, the energy captured and stored by the solar thermal system, prescribed by now in all new constructions, can be used to integrate efficaciously the low temperature heating.

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