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Johnson Controls offers you a broader choice of HVAC control valves.

Our valves range from ½ inch to 20 inches with actuation choices featuring pneumatic, electric, spring return and non-spring return. You can choose valves in Cv ranges from .73 to 22,000. The choices continue with two-way normally open or normally closed and three-way mixing. Johnson Controls valves have the flexibility to fit a wide range of applications, from unit ventilators to VAV boxes to chillers. As a result, your choice in valves has never been bigger or better.

With us, valve leaks aren’t an issue. Our exclusive ring pack design prevents leaks for decades, and it’s been tested to over one million cycles for guaranteed long product life.

Of course, our HVAC valves and actuators were literally made for each other, guaranteeing fast and easy installation. We manufacture thousands of combinations, so you can choose the right valve and actuator duo for the job.

We have a reputation as the industry leader in reliability. We design and manufacture our valves to ANSI standards, which means you’re getting industrial quality HVAC valves. What’s more, our valve manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO9000 standards to meet global requirements.

Our valves are built to deliver dependable, long-lasting, leak-proof performance.

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