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Founded 75 years ago, Bongio Cocks always shows great attention to quality and technological design of its products, offering tap lines with high technical standards and capabilities.

Development and success in the years that have helped men and women, with their commitment and their ideas. An anniversary that we are all together look to the future with renewed enthusiasm and passion for our work. And a special thanks to all those who have chosen our products. With a production of 60% has been allocated to the most demanding international markets, Bongio has won a prestigious role in the international showcase where Italian design has always been considered the ultimate in good taste and elegance.

With 75 years of experience and collaboration with numerous designers Bongio managed to give the bathroom that personality, the character space 'intimate' par excellence of the house is worth. Looking to the future with the knowledge of who has history in the past.

And 'in these years that Bongio proves very sensitive to the highly relevant issues such as the Water Savings.

In an age like ours, where the water is becoming an increasingly valuable, Bongio promotes the initiative "I LOVE WATER", wanting to raise awareness of water saving culture as a vital and irreplaceable asset.

In line with this philosophy Bongio triggered a series of targeted interventions.

From April 2008, in fact all the taps will be provided with a device to reduce the water flow without preclude the scenic effects while ensuring that a substantial savings, both economically and energy, all without any increase to the current price.

In 2002 "Moon" Bongio, designed by the architect. Marco Poletti, was honored with the selection ADI Design Index 2002 (prestigious award given by the ADI Association for Industrial Design to the best products of Italian design).

ADI Design Index is the annual publication of ADI Association for Industrial Design, which gathers the best Italian design into production, selected by the Permanent Design ADI.

Bongio get the "10-Year Warranty" on all its products. This is the result of a method of work which, from its beginnings in 1936, was based on quality, reliability and service.

For this reason each item is placed on a special security hologram which guarantees its authenticity and, in the packaging are included: Certificate of Guarantee 10 years, the certification of our Quality Control database and the statement of Total Pure Origin and Italian along with installation instructions.

The operation is aimed at better protecting the Italian production highlighting the features of high value.

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